Treats: Good Chocolate

I’m not actually a chocolate fiend — one of those folks who so adores the taste of chocolate that virtually anything chocolate, anytime, is a source of pleasure and joy. But I do agree that really excellent chocolate deserves its name.

So here’s some prime choices for times when you want to dine like Quetzalcoatl.

All of Colin Gasko’s chocolate is simply amazing, the very best chocolate I have ever had, anywhere. I haven’t tried this Piura bar, but the next time I have $20 to burn, I will — if I can get some before it runs out!

Chuao Chocolate’s Spicy Maya bar is heady and almost intoxicating; it’s a nice way to start a special date with yourself.

I’d also like to try their firecracker bar and their “Fragolina” — chocolate covered dried strawberries.

Don’t Recchiuti’s Key Lime Pears look amazing?

Brian McElrath’s passion fruit truffles are tiny tangy chocolate bombs.

His white chocolate passion fruit truffles for Valentine’s day are just as good, and even prettier.

Vosges’ Naga (coconut curry) bar is mysterious and delicious, and their tasting notes are an exercise in mindfulness even if you don’t adore the chocolate.

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