People Dancing (Part 1 of a series)

In case you need some models for some aspect of your own life that feels impossible to you now, I’m starting a People Doing Things series on this blog to help you visualize or locate people who look like you doing things you’d like to be doing. I’m aiming to illustrate human diversity, but each post — of course — will not be comprehensive. Pingbacks are permitted on this blog, so feel free to link here if you have an example on your own blog of People Doing Things, and I will update the post to show your suggestions!

To begin with, let’s look at photos, videos, and blogs of people dancing!

That’s Ragen Chastain dancing, by the way. You can read her dance blog here.

Listen to Big Moves’ NPR Interview

Visit Big Moves dance studio for classes, shows, etc.

Trailer for the movie Everyday Dancers

The UK’s Ballet Black:

PSA for the scholarship program of the City Ballet of Los Angeles:

Trailer for a show by the UK’s StopGap Dance

The Prometheus Dance Company’s Elders Ensemble

That’s Kim Tanri, artistic director of the Japanese-Malaysian performing arts group Taihen, which I think is pictured here:

Cuba’s Danza Voluminosa:

(Hat tip to Body Impolitic for the pointer both to Danza Voluminosa and Taihen)

The Black Swan Diaries

Wheelchair Dancer:

Los Hermanos Macana do tango:

Tango with three dancers

A lone dancer practicing in hir studio:

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