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Food Availability and the “Obesity Epidemic”

I’m taking some nutrition courses these days, and as part of my coursework, I’ve been learning about food availability or food disappearance data. These are data that reflect a country’s total annual food production, imports, and initial stock of food, … Continue reading

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Why Does Health At Every Size Work?

We know that non-weight-loss, body acceptance approaches to health (sometimes called Health At Every Size) can work in terms of helping people at a range of weights achieve better markers of physical health. For example, several randomized controlled trials have … Continue reading

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People Dancing (Part 1 of a series)

In case you need some models for some aspect of your own life that feels impossible to you now, I’m starting a People Doing Things series on this blog to help you visualize or locate people who look like you … Continue reading

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Research Round Up Part 3: Weight, Shape, and Mortality

So, you’re with me thus far: Diets don’t work to help people lose weight. “Healthy lifestyle change” doesn’t help people lose weight (nor is it clear that it helps people get healthy, actually, but more on that later). Your failure … Continue reading

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Does “Healthy Eating” Lead to Body Change? Research Roundup, Part 2

Of course, even Weight Watchers claims that “diets don’t work; weight watchers does.” Diets may not work, you might be thinking, but what about “healthy eating” or “healthy lifestyle change”? Surely if you eat right you will lose weight, right? … Continue reading

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It’s Not Just You: A Research Round Up, Part 1

If you feel like a failure in your efforts to change your body, lose weight, and achieve happiness, you’re not alone. Efforts at weight loss and body change, especially through dieting, are common: nearly 50% of men and 75% of … Continue reading

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Happy Anorexics

So, did you figure out why? What are the reasons you have engaged in a struggle with your body? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Do you hope to feel more confident, less self-conscious, sexier, more accomplished, more … Continue reading

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